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Welcome to Mina's OC Hub Wiki!

This Wiki is dedicated to describing information about the OC's I have created for the many Animes and Live Action shows that I enjoy watching. Be warned I do have a lot of OC's created and they still continue to grow, all OC's are mine that I have created from my own imagination. I hope y'all will enjoy what I post about them.

List of OC's (Anime)

This is a list of all of my anime OC's ranging from Avatar: The Last Airbender to YuGiOh 5D's. They will be linked to the page and I will specify which Anime they are from.

List of OC's (Live Action)

This is a list of my Live Action OC's, created for some of my favorite TV shows and movies. They will also be linked to thier biography pages, as well will specify what show/movie they are a part of. The pages will specify who portrayes them.

Crossover Fandoms

I will hyperlink these to thier responding Wiki's where there will be more information about them


A crossover of Pokemon(Gen3) and DigimonFrontier(post-series). This will include OC's from Pokemon and Digimon Frontier, pluse Cannon characters.

Synopsis: After a fight with a dark Digimon named Baromon, the DigiDestined Girls (Zoe, Mina, Rashel, Juliet, and Cindy) are sucked into an interdimensional portal that transports them to the Pokemon universe. It's there they meet a young Gym Leader named Alyssa Maryse, who is getting ready to journey the Hoenn region in search of new Pokemon, and a new adventure. Alyssa helps the girls choose thier first Pokemon and invites them on her journey. Our DigiGirls hope they can find a way back to thier home, and thier boyfriends. Will they succede? Find out in Poke'Gurls.

Team Lyoko-Digital Fighters

A crossover of Code:Lyoko (Seasons 3-4) and Digimon(1-5), plotline is set in CL universe. This includes five CL OC's (3 are mine, 2 belong to KH FanGirl 101), but also includes Cannon Characters. Couples are CannonXCannon, CannonXOC, and OCXOC.

Synopsis: As the Lyoko gang start High School, they are faced with more challenges as XANA escaped into the net. But to help them out with that, they are partnered with Digimon from various seasons, (they all thought Digimon was a TV show). Along with the new Digimon, later on they are joined by a younger classmate, who is related to Jeremie and Jamie, and a new sibling that was never known about. Follow the Lyoko Warriors as they start a new year, new challenges, new romances, and new attacks.

When Destinies Collide

A crossover of Sailor Moon and DigimonAdventure. Includes SailorMoon OC's, and OC Digimon. Couples include CannonXCannon and CannonXOC. Synopsis: Twelve young kids are sent to a strange Digital World and meet stange Digital Monsters. In this new world, away from home, the DigiDestined must work together with their partner digimon to defeat evil that threatnes to destroy both worlds. It's main story line is similar to that of Digimon Adventure, but with a twist. The Sailor Scouts make thier apprence. WDC follows the adventures of the DigiDestined as they travel across the Digital World with thier digimon partners. The Scouts tried to hide their identies, but when danger struck, thye had no choice but to reveal thier other halves. Along with the many adventures and battles, romance finds its way within the group.

YuGiOh GXZ Kai

A crossover of YuGiOh GX and DragonBallZ(Kai). Includes OC's from both sereies, as well as OC DuelMonsters. Couples include CannonXOC, later on CannonXCannon.

Synopsis: A group of the Z fighters go to Duel Academy to test their skills at the ever popular card game. Follow thier adventures at thier new school and with thier new friends. Also see how they fair against a strong darkness they don't even know about.

The Fairy of Duel Monsters

A crossover of Winx Club(Season 3) and Yu-Gi-Oh GX(Season 3). Includes a main OC from both shows and OC's for GX. Couples include CannonXCannon and CannonXOC.

Synopsis: Sabrina Moto is known as the 'Princess of Duel Monsters' for her supreme skill that is second to her cousin, the 'King of Games', Yugi Moto. Growing up, she's always had a connection to the Duel Spirits, and her magic can make them come to life. Fast-forward to her Third Year at Alfea as well as her Senior Year at Duel Academy, where her Enchantix is the next step on her Fairy journey, and in order to achieve it, she must endure her toughest challenges at Duel Academy. Old questions will have answers, limits will be reached, and relationships will be tested. Follow Sabrina on her journey as she endures the toughest trials of her life.

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